Announcing In the World of Dreams & Nightmares Video!

My latest illustrated video entitled In the World of Dreams & Nightmares is now live! 

“It’s a time of immense change. What was once familiar is no longer. To make sense of the world collapsing around her, a young artist and writer escapes into the magical realm of her journals: a sacred place where dreams and nightmares come to call.”

A free-spirited mix of the conscious and subconscious, the journey of self-discovery exposes the workings of the mind, where imagination and everyday life experience are recast into an entirely new role. 

Here is the link to the Video:
In the World of Dreams & Nightmares

By amassing myself into the midst of other worldly places, I create a portal, transcending me back to a time when the creative spirit reigned in a vast and limitless field of dreams. In my world of the fantastic, supernatural beings, winged guardians and underworld deities coalesce in magical, epic dreamscapes, heavenly realms and timeless places. Adventurous quests to worlds beyond awaken my subconscious, leaving me spellbound and wanting more.

The illustrated video is part of an ongoing, labor of love project that I will be launching on Patreon by the end of the month. Your support will allow me to further my passion for all things fantastical, taking you along on the artistic adventure with me. From the preliminary concepts, sketches and the production of unique costuming, masks, headdresses and embellishments through to the final execution, you will witness my journey. This unique, behind-the-scenes access is only available through your generous support of my work on Patreon.

As the body of work grows, I plan on releasing signature, limited-edition books as well as videos with hybrid, multimedia approaches to storytelling throughout. In addition, illustrated sketchbooks of the work in series, note card sets, creative writing journals and inspirational calendars will also be created. I hope to someday have a major traveling exhibition of the work as a whole!

As an ongoing patron, you will not only receive special rewards but also VIP access to private openings, special discounts to newly released products and so much more! When certain goals are reached, I will have monthly group chats online, portfolio reviews, process and inspirational insight postings, technical tips and behind-the-scenes videos just to name a few.

I am very excited to go on this fantastical journey. Let’s do it together! Stay tuned for more details to come!


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